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RingCentral integration overview

All your inbound and outbound calls through RingCentral are automatically logged within Lawmatics. Whether it's a first-time caller or an existing contact, you can effortlessly create a new matter or associate the call with an existing one. When an inbound call matches a Lawmatics contact's phone number, the call is automatically logged.

Here’s what you get with this Lawmatics integration:
  • Access and review your call log directly within Lawmatics
  • Instantly generate new matters for callers or assign them to existing matters
  • Calls are automatically logged by matching the caller's phone number

RingCentral integrates with these Lawmatics features

Phone calls
Matter activity logging

Integration features

Call log

Easily access a record of all of your firm’s inbound and outbound calls. When available, the system will also automatically fill in new callers’ name and location.

Attribute calls to matters

For callers that already have an existing matter in Lawmatics, the integration will log the call on that matter automatically. New callers can be easily used to create a new matter or manually logged onto an existing matter.


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