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Client Intake

Focus your attention where it’s needed most

Create a repeatable process you can set and forget with Lawmatics legal intake software. Spend time on the most valuable tasks and let your CRM handle your client intake and marketing efforts.
Respond to new leads via email or text message
Auto schedule initial consultations and appointment reminders
Trigger engagement agreements to be built and sent for e-signature
Set up email drip campaigns to keep your client base engaged
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So very glad we invested in this program when we did. We are getting more use out of it than we imagined we would ever have to. We are now using an automatic intake form, video-conferencing through GoToMeeting for our consultations, and e-sign with our rep. agreements.
— Alicia Bostrack, Orchard Law Firm

Turn old business into
new business

Our CRM for lawyers enables you to not only connect with new clients, but re-engage with your collected database of past clients. Keep your firm at arm’s reach for them when a new opportunity arises. It’s the simplest way to create a new stream of revenue!
Create campaigns to email past clients on birthdays, holidays & more
Stay on top of incoming emails from former clients with auto follow-ups
Track & analyze referral sources and repeat clients
Create, manage & send newsletters to any segment of clients or leads
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Marketing Automation
I just want to say again that you've been exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful. This has hands-down been the best on-boarding/training process I've been through in the legal software industry. We're excited to get fully transitioned and start making use of the awesome features Lawmatics has to offer.
— Mark Petell, Frye Law Group
Follow ups
Attorney-client relationship management

Effortless follow-ups

Implement automated follow-ups to ensure that you respond to potential clients immediately with our all-in-one law firm CRM. Don't let anyone fall through the cracks.
Greet new leads with a personalized message
Send out automated reminders and confirmations
Keep track of all touchpoints in an organized timeline
Have all client information ready and in one place
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Impress Your Clients

Wow leads with your modern approach

Your clients will be impressed by your organized and tech-savvy methods for handling their case from the minute they reach out to your firm. From easy & instant document signing, to automatic follow-ups, our software delivers a cutting-edge approach that will WOW your clients.

Build relationships with automated follow-ups

Lawmatics’ database instantly captures and saves a lead’s information, sending automatic follow-ups at the perfect time! No more setting reminders or digging through post-its to find a lead’s number. Automation makes it easy to engage new leads and improve client relationships.

Keep clients updated with automated reminders

Your clients have a lot going on — just like you. Keep them up to date with the latest details of their case and appointment reminders thanks to automation. They’ll love the consistent attention to their case and top-notch organization.

Be More Efficient

Say goodbye to spreadsheets & search bars

With one centralized platform, you can see the status of all your leads and clients at a glance. With a detailed & highly visual dashboard, you’ll know what needs to be done & when. Quickly find the contact you need by organizing your clients with customized categories and tags.

Automate the monotonous

Take time-saving shortcuts by automating processes that would normally take hours or even days. Create error-free, customizable documents with a few clicks. Share files instantly and securely. Move things along fast with our e-signature tool and other automated software.

Put your marketing on auto-pilot

Our customizable audience segmentation software enables you to connect with leads through an efficient, yet personalized approach. Create tailored email drip campaigns that send to the right person at the right time. Just set it and forget it, and return your focus to billable work!

Win More Business

Focus on what you do best

Stay connected to your new leads and existing clients and never miss out on an opportunity. While Lawmatics works behind the scenes to bring you more business and keep your clients happy, you can focus your attention on what you do best.

Engage the right leads at the right time

Track the client journey from the moment a new lead engages with your firm. Lawmatics keeps tabs on all potential business in one centralization location, so you can easily see which leads are ready for next steps and when to reach out.

Identify new opportunities for your law firm

Our highly visual analytics provide in-depth data that's easy to understand, so you can identify any bottlenecks in your client intake process, boost & monitor staff productivity, and ultimately drive more revenue. Lawmatics makes it ridiculously easy to measure what’s working and what’s not!

Law firms love Lawmatics

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